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Healthier Banana Bread

Healthy Banana Bread
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This truly is the BEST healthy banana bread out there! Gluten free, no oil/butter, no (refined) sugar!

Gosh, I have tried so many banana bread recipes, I can’t even count them. Some were too dry, most of them were too ‘banana’, too dense/moist/mushy, overly sweet, wouldn’t rise… There is one banana bread though, that is the BEST banana bread, if you don’t mind using sugar, regular flour etc, and it’s this banana bread by Nikki from Chef In Training. This is serious business, if it comes to banana breads. I will gladly make this one again. And again. And again.

But… There is a BUT here. I wanted a healthier version. I’ve tried many of those, too. And believe me, our trash can loved me for it. Sometimes, I even knew when putting the required ingredients together, that it would be a disaster. And then to think that I often start on a recipe after reading many positive comments. Then I wonder… have these people really made the recipe?? Okay, a recipe can be good and still go wrong, due to various reasons (different oven, different brands of ingredients, temperature of your kitchen, temperature of the ingredients, humidity, even altitude). But really… I don’t throw out anything that is at least a little bit edible. These didn’t even fit that lowest category.

So, I sat down, took pen and paper, and started writing down what I thought would be good together and the approximate amounts. I could adjust as I went along. And boy oh boy, this turned out to be the best, no, the VERY best, healthy banana bread, I have ever made. And it is actually quite easy, too.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 F) and line a loaf pan with parchment paper. Lightly grease the parchment paper to avoid sticking (as no butter or oil will be added).

Take 2 medium banana’s (ca. 175 g/6.2 oz peeled) and mash them in a large bowl. Add two eggs, 125 g (4.4 oz) plain Greek yogurt and 2 tsp vanilla extract.

Mix well.

In a separate bowl, mix 150 g (5.3 oz) oat flour (use certified GF if needed), 1 tsp baking soda and 25 g (0.9 oz) sweetener (I use an erythritol-based sweetener that is twice as sweet as sugar). If your banana’s aren’t overly ripe, you might want to add more sweetener.


Add dry mixture to wet mixture and mix well.

BestHealthyBananaBread5 BestHealthyBananaBread6

If you don’t worry too much about raw eggs, you might want to taste the batter at this stage. If it’s not sweet enough, you can now still add any sweetener of your choice. All depends on the sweetness of the banana’s and how sweet you like it.

Beat 4 egg whites with 1/4 tsp salt until stiff peaks are formed. I used egg whites from TwoChicks, always comes in handy to have a bottle in the fridge.

BestHealthyBananaBread2 BestHealthyBananaBread3

Then gently fold the egg whites into the batter.

BestHealthyBananaBread7 BestHealthyBananaBread8

Now you may add some optional add-ins: raisins, chocolate chips etc.

Pour batter into prepared pan and bake ca. 40 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean (a few crumbs is fine).

BestHealthyBananaBread9 BestHealthyBananaBread11
Let cool in pan for ca. 10 minutes, then move to a wire rack and let coo completely before slicing.

The first one I made was with a small handful of raisins.

BestHealthyBananaBread15 BestHealthyBananaBread14

I was quite astonished about the outcome. Fluffy, moist, extremely light. I was so chuffed! The minute the last slice was gone, I made a new loaf. Really!

Second time round, I didn’t use any add-ins. Just as good!!

BestHealthyBananaBread23 BestHealthyBananaBread26

Tastes great just plain, but who can resist a good slather of peanut or cashew butter?!


I can’t 😉





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