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Summer camp… and now we’re alone


The house is so quiet. After we’ve brought the boys to summer camp, we’re coming home to an empty house. Well, not entirely empty, of course. We’re greeted happily by a dog and a cat. But it feels different. Of course it’s not the first time that I’m coming home to an empty house. When the boys are at school, at a friend’s house or at the sports club. It’s quiet then as well. But this silence feels different. Normally, I can enjoy the silence, having some peace and quiet. Because I know it will be over soon and there will be a lot of noise again. But not this time. There will be no noise. Not today. Not tomorrow. We’re alone.

I was actually looking forward to a couple of days of peace and quiet. Being able to do stuff, that I normally can’t. Now I was wrestling with my soul. What was it that I wanted to do? I don’t feel like doing anything. I do have to go to work. Thank god. At least something that fits a normal routine. But does it? No, not quite. We don’t have to think about after-school care when we’re at work. I don’t have to rush home. I should be enjoying myself, right?

Counting down

The boys were looking forward to summer camp for months. The last couple of weeks, they were counting down how many nights they had to sleep. Tensions were running high. ‘Yeah, we’re going on summer camp!!!’

The last week was all about preparations. No way we were forgetting anything. And like every year, there is a camp theme: Scotsman. Of course we remembered to think about the theme at the very last minute. We managed to get two hats with red hair at a costume shop. Too funny. But that’s not much of a costume. Unfortunately, we were way too late to order a children’s kilt.


My big mouth got the better of me, again. I said immediately that I could make a kilt myself. Me. With my two left hands when it comes to crafts. My relationship with my sewing machine isn’t really a love story. Anyway, once I say I will do something, I am committed. We rushed to a fabric store and got a meter of a Tartan. And a piece of felt. Cause a kilt needs a little pouch on the front.

Oh my, what had I gotten myself into? And without a pattern. First, I cut two long pieces of fabric. That was easy. Just dividing that big piece of fabric into two. And making sure all sides were straight. But what next? Alright, let’s look up some pictures. How are the folds supposed to be? Oh, what the heck. The kilts are taken to summer camp. No-one will pay attention to the folds.


Folds done, elastic band at the waist, fixed the hem. I’m happy with the result. I even dare to show a picture. No, no close-up of the seams. Come on, let’s keep it civilized.

Noah was worried though that the other kids might laugh at him wearing a skirt. Wait, hold your horses. That is NOT a skirt. It’s a kilt. And a kilt is never worn by a woman. Only men wear kilts. Did you know that they even fought wars in kilts? ‘Really?!’ Yes, really. Look at Braveheart (thank you Mel Gibson for making a kilt look cool). ‘Wow, that is so cool!’ Yep, now they want to wear it. And even want to have their picture taken, wearing the kilt.


They will have a blast at summer camp. Memories for life will be made, I’m sure of it. And we? We’ll ‘enjoy’ a few days of peace and quiet and try to take a bit of quality time together. But now I am counting down the days. Until I can go and pick them up…

Thank you for reading 🙂


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    July 17, 2017

    Ahhh Nicole. Wat zal je ze missen…
    En wauw… knap gemaakt ik doe het je niet na.

    • Reply


      July 17, 2017

      Hahaha, dank je, heb anders echt twee linkerhanden wat handwerken betreft. Niet van dichtbij bekijken ;-). En ik mis ze vreselijk…

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    July 23, 2017

    Wow, wat een verhaal! Heb dat gevoel al bij een nachtje als ze gaan logeren. Vantevoren het idee dat je dan even rustig iets voor jezelf iets kan doen, maar in de avond die lege kamertjes inkijken met een naar gevoel. Moederliefde!
    Wat knap dat je ze hebt geholpen en die kilts hebt gemaakt! Ze zullen zo trots zijn. Zullen het vast heel leuk hebben gehad…

    • Reply


      July 23, 2017

      Ja, erg hè. Heb je eindelijk de rust, zit je daar zielig te wezen ;-). Maar ze hebben het geweldig gehad en dat maakt me dan weer zo blij.

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