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Top 5 Christmas Cookies

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

There are so many delicious Christmas cookies and every year, we try a few new ones. Or we adapt old recipes and give them a new twist. But there are 5 Christmas cookies, that we make (almost) every year. These are the ones, that I had as a child, when my grandma would bake all Christmas cookies. And making them now brings back so many loving memories. There is no Christmas without at least a few of these cookies.

#1 Butterplätzchen

Butterplätzchen might be the most classic of all Christmas cookies. These cut-out cookies have a delicious buttery flavour, a hint of lemon and a soft bite. A must on every Christmas cookie platter.


#2 Vanilla Cookies

These Vanilla Cookies are actually just a shape variation on the very traditional Vanillekipferl, another famous Christmas cookie that finds it’s origins in Germany, Austria and the Bohemian region. I used to make the crescent shaped, as they originally should be, but I got lazy and made myself a very convenient short-cut. But the taste is still the same. This Christmas cookie is a steady component of our Christmas cookie platter.

Vanilla Cookies

#3 Snowball Truffles

Okay, technically, these aren’t cookies, but these chocolate coconut balls are the most requested ‘Christmas cookies’ every single year. There is just no Christmas without them. They are easy to make, are totally not healthy (it’s basically fats and sugar, but who cares) and so darn delicious.

Snowball Truffles

#4 Vanilla Pudding Cookies

These cookies are not only super cute, they are also super delicious and super easy to make. They are little soft vanilla pillows and quite addictive.

Vanilla Pudding Cookies

#5 Zimtsterne

The last but certainly not the least are these cinnamon stars, called Zimtsterne. They are soft and chewy, with a crispy meringue topping and a lovely cinnamon flavour. Again a very traditional Christmas cookie.


This is my personal Top 5. Every single one of these cookies has a long tradition, with loving memories that throw me back to times long past. Do you have a recipe that brings back memories an that you will make over and over again?


Top 5 Christmas Cookies


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